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I have been using via a nas for some time with no issues.

I have now purchased a 2nd pi for motherinlaw, to take all media from a usb hdd.

That's where thebproblems start. Install is fine, hdd is found. But then experiencing freezes and loss of keyboard control.

Pi, and wd elements hdd both powered by usb hub from modmy pi which is suitable.

Looks like the freezes happen when hdd is working (light flashing).

Have limited knowledge and have searched and can't really find my answer.

Hdd is currently ntfs so I can copy files from windows as ethernet is a bit flaky on new pi
NTFS and rpi do not like each other. Monitor the CPU usage during these freezes by logging into SSH and use the command 'top' .
If this is not the case try connecting the RPi to a seperate power supply to see if that helps.
I use a 1.5 TB drive that is formatted NTFS without any issues, the drive is adapter powered and sitting inside an Argosy 335T media player.

Perhaps supplying your drive a separate power supply would aid in the issue you're experiencing.
I meant when it's attached to the RPi directly (USB).
"Pi, and wd elements hdd both powered by usb hub from modmy pi"

I'd try another hub. I have one of those hubs and they have caused me problems before.

Also the RPi needs it's own power source. ~800ma on startup. A usb port will only supply 500ma max. (Which is why the 4 port Hub has a 2 amp power supply)

I'd also plug the keyboard directly into the RPi and not the hub - again I've had problems with a keyboard connected to the hub.

Also can you post via pastebin the output from dmesg. I have a feeling there might be a "device descriptor" error
Great, I overlooked the fact that he powers all from Hub, RPi included Smile shame on me
So use at least 1000mA separate PSU for RPi and than you should avoid power issue.
(26th Jul, 2013 05:50 PM)Fred Wrote: [ -> ]I meant when it's attached to the RPi directly (USB).

It is directly connected to the Pi over USB, just externally powered.

It isn't a media player when the USB cord is attached, it becomes a simple external hard drive.
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