Full Version: MCE remote controler and XBian 1.0 Beta 1
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I have MCE remote IR controler, but this version did not support most important keys. How can I set Xbian to support this remote? So I find that rasbmc have this option, to set remote, but rasbms has other problems, so I like to use xbian.

I will be gratefull for any information about this.

Thank you, Mihael form Slovenija
This does not work. Any Idea to work with MCE remote controler and XBian 1.0 Beta 1?
Thanks , Mihael
You saying it doesn't help, well doesn't help.

What is your exact issue?
This is picture of this remote MCE. How can enable OK button, MS button to return to main menu.

One picture tell more than hundred words Smile.

Thank you for any solution.

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