Full Version: BTRFS - is it faster?
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Hi All,

I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed a difference in performance between Alpha 5 and Beta 1.1. I did a complete new install of Beta 1.1 after using Alpha 5 for a while, and have noticed that downloading NZB's has slowed down about 50%.

Both installations are running off my external HDD, with no changes made besides changing the root partition to BTRFS after installing 1.1. I used to get download speeds of nearly 2MB/s with sabnzbd+ on Alpha5, and now I can't get the download speed to get above ~600 KB/s.

I tried using both SABNzbd+ and nzbget, to no avail... it's like throughput is throttled to ~600 KB/s. Using sabnzbd+ actually slows the system to a crawl now, as well.

Literally the only change made was the filesystem conversion, just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same type of problems, or perhaps I'm not looking in the right spot. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks for an awesome distro, BTW!

Ok, to follow up:

I converted my root partition to ext4, and the download speed is still the same (slower). I'm at a loss as to what changed in the commit log on github - anyone have any insight?
while fully started, send post output of "mount" please.
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