Full Version: Change default option in search function
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One of the issues I have found, is that if you use the forum to search for a particular problem say NAS, by default you get a list of threads, which you then have to wade through to find the string within pages of posts. (This is what a normal user will do)

By changing the default setting "Display Options" to "Posts" instead of "Threads", the user can see exactly what might be the thread to select. Thus, hopefully, reducing the amount of duplicate threads.
sound better than works.

the search list show x-first characters of the post, not RELEVANT part of text with hits.

so you get nice list - but you have no idea which one to click because all starts with the same (quote to quote to quote to quote ). you know what I mean ?

should not be that difficult to modify CUT of the post. the CUT should not start from begging. but for instance from FIRST hit in the post.
With post you get duplicate entry's in the search results.
I agree that the search an be alot more optimized, but the code is complex and i don't want to break the forum.
fair enough
Fairy Nuff also.
I was messing with the templates today and found the search template.
Problem solved
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