Full Version: Spoiler tag
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I think it would be helpful to have an spoiler tag - especially for logs and command boxes.
So you would see just an spoiler button, which would collapse/expand the text boxes.
Not the best looking solution, but it's what I've meant. Smile
What did you meant then?
Can you give an example?
Like the spoiler tags here:
Ty for link...

But it's only a visual thing, as it looks nicer with the boxes.
We can do the same
Let's give it a try and see, if someone is using it.
Looks good and useful. Not too sure if "spoiler" is the right word to use, as this is used to "hide" the plot in a movie review.

I guess that's what's in the code, so we'll have to live with it.

This doesn't work in Tapatalk so it must be a non-standard method (spoiler tag works on XDA with Tapatalk). When clicking spoiler in Tapatalk ( opens web view to http://jvoid(0); )

Love the @ tag also, it too doesn't function properly on Tapatalk (opens web view to http://user-8.html/ ) .
Small point:

Message: in which you're partecipating in
should read
Message: in which you're participating in
Reference URL's