Full Version: Beta 2 Users only [Help needed]
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Aaarrrg - Come on Girls and Guys, you must have something to say.

Mine was:

@IriDium: If Carlsberg made media centres, this would be it - probably.

As you may well know, Beta 2 is VERY close to release.

I have been tasked to write the official documentation for this release, so I'd like to get it correct and I need your input

I'd like from you, your personal comments about what you think about Beta 2. I'll include everything, even those comments which are derogatory - assuming they are substantiated and can be backed up.

I'm looking for real users comments - and I know who the real users are, so @arsewipe will not be included Tongue

Just a short text, something that can be published.

It doesn't have to be Beta 2 is the best XBMC solution for RPi, but what what you feel.

If you don't want to be "identified" just prefix the thread as @anonymous and your real user ID will not be displayed.

This thread is NOT for problems with Beta 2 - they are handled in another thread.
I love my Pi I love xbian - thanks for great xmbc it rocks.
Xbian beta 2 is an incredible step forwards. It manages to both greatly extend its features while increasing speed and lowering CPU usage: truly a great accomplishment!
Come on - This release is due very soon.

We need your comments NOW.

So far it's @Smultie and me as confirmed users - so much for the management!!.

A lot of people have spent hours/weeks/months on this release, to make it as best as we can - probably the "Best: Xbian to date - we need other people to realise this, so comments on the Website are crucial.

Post your experience - it doesn't matter what you feel - We are not perfect buy we try.....
Xbian just got a facelift without really needing it but god she became even more pretty Wink

No but seriously. Before was good but now it's even better. The xbian integration with xbmc has never bin better. Smoother, faster, greater, better. This is the mediaplayer my livingroom have always wanted!
The xbian config is alot better. Good idea to only load what you need to to speed things up.
Beta 2 is a step forward in various ways, using the btrfs filesystem allows for users to easily 'undo' mishaps from user errors or incompatible apt upgrades. Both the root filesystem and home directories are automatically protected. The configuration system is more robust and user friendly, either through ssh or directly in XBMC. Startup times have been lowered and their are smart notifications that allow users to see what's going on during shutdown, startup, and inside XBMC. LIRC support is still wonky but it's a complicated system to wrangle with so many possible configurations to contend with.
So how soon will it ne released? Not soon..then how do I get in on the action?
(7th Nov, 2013 12:25 AM)agent5150 Wrote: [ -> ]So how soon will it ne released? Not soon..then how do I get in on the action?

you can get the test image from here
(12th Nov, 2013 04:46 PM)Smultie Wrote: [ -> ]This thread is NOT for problems with Beta 2 - they are handled in another thread.

Thank you and yes, he is right. Please stay in topic! Read the first OP post what is this thread and keep it clean please.
Beta 2 support belongs here:
My feedback is a bit of marketing actually:
I think XBian is really starting to show what they stand for with the upcoming release. XBian is not just bleeding edge, since bleeding edge tech usually means it is for techies and nerds, noobs can join but expect a lot of hurdles.

Nooo.. XBian stands for the most efficient (because: Raspberry) and innovative solution for all people that think a MediaCenter is one of the life necessities required in the world we live in today. Not just nerds. With Xbian RC1/beta2, XBian clearly sets a BIG step forward regarding user friendly solution. Not only the wizard but also the easy to use XBMC XBian config menu. And also stability, the easy to use backup feature (Although that part in Settings really needs some tooltips/advice or even a wizard to set up the creation of backups, because most people don't know difference between backup and snapshot). XBian is rockstable now, forget corruption and boot failures that's something of the past!

Hell I think you guys deserve a global TV commercial Big Grin
I love Xbian, Xbian will power my Pi for sure, Beta2 is much faster and less buggy compared to beta1 (nightmare), Beta2 more newbs friendly, however should be more. Compared to Rapsbian, Xbian is definitely a winner(speed) dont know about openelec but openelec lack of security is not good for me. Anyway great job guys. Xbian beta2 is really good piece of soft.

P.S I know this topic isnt about complain but add deluge (deluge from apt-get doesnt work for me) since transmission 2.80 is bugged and older version has no auto adding torrents files from dir, deluge is all what i want Big Grin

P.S Much less memory available in this ver (i have 82M) but understand that can be sorted by turn off some services.
(13th Nov, 2013 02:12 AM)zilexa Wrote: [ -> ]Hell I think you guys deserve a global TV commercial Big Grin

are you going to offer one? Wink
Or what about nice YouTube Review at least?
Xbian Beta 2 in general has been a major leap forward compared to the previous versions.


- System start-up and reboot is now faster than ever.
- I find that the User Interface a lot snappier while navigating menus in the home screen.
- The options have also greatly improved in usability and functionality.
- I like how the system can automatically update itself without having to SSH into the R.Pi.
- Connecting to a wifi network is now easier and more consistent without needing to shell into the R.Pi for manual configuration.


- Documentation on how to use the new features would be nice. For instance, the system image features for cloning, reverting, and restoring.
- Changing the screensaver from anything other than dim will cause XBMC to crash.
- Changing the layout view for videos can really be CPU intensive and subsequently causes wait periods.
- Going into "Movies" or "TV Shows" with a large library can be CPU intensive and cause wait periods.


- Built-in Backup add-on program for XBMC would be nice.
- Built-in Watchdog add-on service for XBMC would be nice.
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