Full Version: [IMPORTANT] Beta1 says good bye! [IMPORTANT]
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Dear user!

With release of XBian Beta2, previous Beta1X generation will no longer receive updates and Hotfix1.2 released only recently was last update going to generation 1X. Very tiny update was targeted specifically to fix issues caused by latest updates released for core system Debian/Wheezy in version 7.2 now.

For those of you wanting to stay with Beta1X release for time being (or even longer), special apt repo was created - named "beta1". It contains Alpha5 + Beta1X packages in more versions (as released during lifecycles) and still can be used to update for instance to B1.2 after clean rebuild of SD card with available 1.1 images.

And now finally the important info - a /etc/apt/sources.list entry to allow access to beta1 apt repository:
deb beta1 main

It is supposed to replace existing records (whatever they look like). Any lines containing 'xbian' keyword are safe to delete.

(some more detailed info is available for instance here

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