Full Version: XBian keeps turning back on TV
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Setup: Latest XBian (as of today)
Rasp Pi Model B, almost brand new
LG TV (can get the exact model if relevant, it's about two years old)

Basically, every time I turn the TV off with the Pi still on and connected, it turns itself back on a few seconds later. Things I've tried:
1) Disabling CEC
2) Fiddling with those HDMI CEC options

I might just be really dumb and missing an option here.

My ideal: Keeping the Pi on 24/7 (at the XBian splash screen I suppose), being ready to go when I switch the input back to HDMI1. Being able to turn on/off the TV without interference from the Pi. That's about it really, hopefully it's just a setting I'm missing somewhere.

not considering small group of RPI poweroff switchers (sorry guys Smile ), we are all keeping RPI running all the time with XBMC running. Just klick TV on and ready to go. At the end XBian turns TV off when not used after time. You return, klick on again and this over and over.

Anyhow with this quite irritating turning on - I remember such fight personally, but don't remember what it was (100% stupid thing). then user ?Xraxor?orsomeoneelse? during B2 testing was asking the same. Was fighting with the TV, reinstalling all x-times. Then he reported as solved but not related to XBian and again something very stupid.

Both of us having this with AVR in-between RPI and TV. Now when I try to guess - maybe I set AVR->auto turning on (CECHDMI) on that port on Yamaha AVR and AVR sensing output from RPI was trying to keep TV on. Really no much help for you probably but keep head open for anything.

And definitely don't waste time with reinstalling / reconfiguring RPI. It was just time waster.
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