Full Version: Tv-Stream from Mediaportal freezes peridiodically for ~18s
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XBian version: 1.0Beta2
XBMC version:XBMC Git:12.2 Git:20131125-d1002b4
Overclock settings: Xbian default and turbo(to test)
RPI Firmware: Linux xbian 3.10.18+ #68 Sat Nov 16 00:50:06 CET 2013 armv6l GNU/Linux
GPU Firmware: Oct 1 2013 00:37:09 Copyright © 2012 Broadcom
version a421d4b2cee544ec22bd4eee75080248f18fc20b (tainted) (release)

I've tested raspbmc to with the same problem. I've changed the Server OS and Hardware to from Windows Server 2012 to Windows 8.

Power supply rating: 5V 1A and i tested 5V 2,5A too
RPi model (model A/B 256mb/512mb): B 512
SD card size and make/type:i've tested: Transcend 8GB Class 10, Kingston 2GB Class ?, Kingston 2GB Class ? only as boot + USB Stick
Network (wireless or LAN): tested on wireless and wired lan
Connected devices (TV, USB, network storage, etc.): TV

*.rar and *.log dont work as attachment

Problem description:
After a fresh install i updated the system wie sudo apt-get update/upgrade. I set the resolution to 1280*720p and the gui to 720p. Then i install the pvr plugin for Mediaportal and configure it.

I can watch SD TV and SD Recordings, but HD TV and HD Recordings freezes every ~30s for ~18s. Normal mkv over network(smb) works fine, so do HD Recordings over nfs.

I changed the cache in the advancedsettings.xml to(<pvr>). I've changed the Server OS and Hardware to from Windows Server 2012 to Windows 8.Whatever i have tried, there was no improvement.

But HD TV should work according to other users.

How to reproduce:
Every time i start HD TV or HD Recording over Mediaportal pvr plugin.
From Xbian - can you do vmstat 5 50 and post the results. Also dmesg via pastebin.

When the HD is playing, take a screenshot of the video information "Press O" whilst it is playing - or not as the case may be.
Scrennshots 1 and 2 are before it freezes, 3 and 4 while it freezes and 5 after it freezed.


vmstat 5 50 while the pi is idle

vmstat while the pi is playing the file

I notice while the stream is playing, the pi transfers about 600-700 KB/s over eth0. I think this is to low, while im playing the stream over nfs(without the pvr plugin which do not support nfs) the pi transfers about 1200 KB/s, but i dont know why smb wont gain more speed.
Very strange.

Screenshots show 100% CPU yet vmstat doesn't - I believe the latter.

NFS is faster than SMB but not that much.

I would check your Windoze settings first as it's obviously a buffering issue.

Can you post the output from xbmc.log a dmesg via pastebin.
Not strange, maybe they dont match. Ill make a new one, and make sure theyll match.

"Can you post the output from xbmc.log a dmesg via pastebin."

I dont understand that, sorry. I should post the output of xbmc.log via pastebin. But what should i do with dmesq?
Match? what are you talking about.

I'm trying to help, but you have an issue.
"Match? what are you talking about."


But i found the Problem. Its the auto negotiation of the pi/network/server. If i set the network speed on my server to 100Mps, all works fine. If i set it to auto negotiation, the stream freezes.

I dont know if it could be fixed. But i think, i buy me a second network card only for the pi and set it fix to 100Mps.

Thanks for your help.

a bit similar = I have such problem with RPI to one specific server if there is NIC set to Jumbo frames (9000bytes / packet). With Jumbo I can make 70-80MB/s between servers, but then RPI works for 10minutes, later packet loss until finally can't connect.


Streaming is very necessary to catch the channels.
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