Full Version: Guide: how to access Xbian from a mac, and how to make/access screenshots
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Xbian has in inbuilt screenshot feature. you'll need a wired/wireless keyboard with the prntscn key.

1. using a keyboard attached to your pi, press the print screen button. the first time you do this Xbian gives you the option to find a location to store your screenshots. i put a screenshots folder under my home folder. all screenshots are numbered sequentially.

2. go to your mac, i am running mavericks. If i open finder i can see Xbian under shared computers in the taskbar on the left. see image below

3. my home folder is the XBian folder. see the screen shot below to see my 'screenshots directory' and the screenshots i have created so far.

4. therefore, if you have a screenshot to show a problem, and you are using a mac, you do not have to remove the sd card to access the screenshots and attache them.

ps. i have found an issue. will create a thread in the future.
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