Full Version: avc1.77.30 video stuttering
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First post, but I have not found something similar, so if this is already addressed somewhere, please excuse me and point me in the right direction.

XBian version: 1.0b2
XBMC version: xbian-gutham-nightly 2.9-10.24
Overclock settings: xbian

Problem description:
When playing a downloaded TV stream from SVTplay the video is stuttering. The video is encoded with avc1.77.30. The behaviour is exactly the same as the video stream playback issue with the svt-play addon before updateing to Gotham Nightly.
(See - -
These were, as mentioned solved when using Gotham Nightly. Now the same stream opened in the addon SVT Play will play correctly. If capturing and dumping the same stream with rtmpdump/ffmpeg, the resulting file will stutter as it did in Frodo.
All help in identifying and solving the issue is greatly appreciated!

How to reproduce:
Play the following stream with help of the SVT play addon from works.
Downloading the stream with ffmpeg -i ",900,348,564,1680,2800,.mp4.csmil/index_4_av.m3u8?null=" -vcodec copy -strict experimental "file:alfons-aberg-21-1-18_05.mp4" and playing it will result in stuttering video

Link to logfile(s):

Thanks a million,
I think you are going to have a problem with this as most users - myself included- are not running Gotham. If possible can you replicate this on standard Xbian Beta 2 then we may be able to replicate the problem.

As you must appreciate, the Gotham nightly are development builds and WILL contain problems.
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