Full Version: Resource Limit Is Reached
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As many of you, may have noticed, there is an issue with "Resource Limit Is Reached"

Whilst we believed our capacity was sufficient, the sudden influx of new users (The reason is unknown) has placed an overload on the server causing the resource limit).

As you know, Xbian is freeware and always will be, so please be patient, however if you like our product and would like to donate just something - then please do.
Is this a temporary problem?
You forgot the third option Yes/No/Don't know.

Guess which one it is! Cool

I don't have access to the logs but I'm sure someone will be able to expand on the issue. All I know is that Xbian has experienced a significant number of new users.
Not pointing to you, IriDium, but I can only assume there is SOMEONE responsible for the website/hosting?!

let's hope so !

Big Grin

in the worst case I will make public my snail mail address.
please use template E34-X for bug reports. printed on A4, single sized. with a density at least 100g/m^2.
All i know that @Koenkk handles the hosting.
I already host the apt repo, so if needed, i can host the forum too.
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