Full Version: no picture in live-tv just sound ?
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I have the following problem
just intalled xbian beta r2 and activated live-tv
I have a gigablue hd and live tv is working properly on my windows xbmc
on the rasp I get all the channels can play from gigablue library saved movies,
but if I want to see a live tv program only sound can be heared but no picture shows up!

Is that known as a bug or could it be that I need a codec license?

Thanks in advance
It need the mpeg licence
Thanks for the quick reply
one question to this
What is the difference between the life stream and the recorded stream on the box
why can I play the record of a live stream but not the live stream itself ( mpeg license)
I don t know. Check which codec you vidéo use if you want to be sure. But in general live tv is mpeg.
after installing the mpeg codec stream is working correct!
Investigated the video file captured on the gigablue.
On the first view it said that it was a mpeg ts file on the gigablue, but after download
to windows, mediainfo told that the movie was coded in AVC,
That was the reason why I could play it in Xbian without mpeg codec

PS: I had several shutdowns and reboot yesterday on different actions:
- trying to playback a music dvd from folder
- switch program in live-tv


You should to buy the license to start its work. Other wise it will not show the picture.
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