Full Version: Remove wait 30 second search limitation.
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I know why it is in place, to limit the amount of DB I/O (Is there that much?) but I find it annoying to have to wait whilst I am trying to find a thread, that I know exists.

It's even worse, when I enter the details, only to be told I have to wait 1 second and then I have to enter the details all over again.

If not globally could it be eliminated for active users that have reached a certain level?

I'm sure other users find this limitation frustrating.
Is this feasible or should it be forgotten?
(24th Apr, 2014 03:10 AM)IriDium Wrote: [ -> ]Is this feasible or should it be forgotten?

It would be a god idea to be put forth.
+1 from me too - it's a pain in the rump! Sad
Being confused HuhHuhHuh

Don't have any 30s search limitation
Wow: Are you telling me that if you use the search button and then use it again quickly, you don't get:

"Sorry, but you can only perform one search every 30 seconds. Please wait another <x> seconds before attempting to search again."

I need to upgrade to "Administrator"!!
Hmmm, found this setting and reduced it to 15s
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