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Hi I have got Tp link wn725n, and I have checked the internet also in this forum. but none helped me.
I have started using a program called Putty yesterday. can not do much about it but tried it to activate wifi, which I did not succeed. want with your help to solve this problem.

I got Xbian installed on raspberry pi, v 3.10.12+ #61
and TP link wn725n.
sorry for my english Smile
thanks for any answer given or not
Go XBMC -> Programs -> Xbian-Config -> System -> Network ->wlan0 and follow the instructions there.
Thanks for quick response.
Have already tryed that part. when I try To pick wlan, it say its down?
Ok - try this.

Exit out of XBMC to a promt. Sign in xbian pwd raspberry.
From the command prompt type xbian-config

2) Settings, 3) Network and follow the instructions there.
(6th May, 2014 11:43 PM)kerimo666 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for quick response.
Have already tryed that part. when I try To pick wlan, it say its down?

Select dhcp before click on SSID.
Tryed that also, here it is what its saying


What release are you on?

I think you may need to upgrade your system.
V 1.2beta installed one today. the latest from Xbian site.

I also tested Raspbmc today, and it was same problem. Sad
Can you run sudo xbian-apt-show-versions |grep -i kernel

If the release is less than 1.3-6 you will need to either upgrade or apply this Fix
I had lower kernel. I have update it. what now? I can connect my wifi and use it?

Thanks man for helping mee out of this problem
Follow the previous instructions and it should work - it may automatically work, when the RPi is rebooted.
I have tryed by connecting it it didnt find it, I also tryed to choose on wlan on settings both in xbian settings network, no wlan there. also in ssh in system no wlan menu there.
Can you post the output of dmesg via

and the output of lsusb
Iridium please help me with this part, Step by step because I dont have any understanding on theese of thing.

Do I have use ssh for this one ?
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