Full Version: need help/tips to get xbian working on a luks encrypted sd card for use on a cubox-i
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One would like to know if it would be possible to setup Xbian on a luks encrypted sd with the Xbian Installer and of course for use on a cubox-i.

I can't find any configuration or set ups for this kind of use, so i was thinking if it in anyway would be possible to config and setup a cubox-i for using xbian?

if anyone could help me away from here, i would appreciate that a lotBig Grin
This seems to be a bit "complicated" for a normal Xbian installation. I'm not too sure if any users have ever attempted to do this - but by all accounts it should be possible but I guess nobody has tried for one simple reason. Most Xbian installations are for home use, with a local IP and no external access to the RPi/Cubox-i.

Maybe if you could detail your reasons for encrypting the SD card or USB drive, then maybe others could offer an alternative.

definitely via installer not at the moment, but with a running system it should not be complicated.

support for crypto loops is available as module (cryptoloop.ko or dm-crypt.ko). then userland tools are available as package "cryptsetup" (which nicely installs upstart and sysv startup scripts including udev rule files).

and if you want ROOT fs on crypto filesystem, then we can integrate the crypto config files / utils into initramfs. it would not be much different from multi device BTRFS booting which currently is supported through initramfs.
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