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And we've got it working. This is how it should be installed:

Login through ssh xbian:raspberry
Change /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbian.list to

deb mirror://     stable   main    imx6-jessie
deb mirror://     staging  main    imx6-jessie
### deb mirror://     devel    main    imx6-jessie

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
cd /boot

Remove "splash" from boot.src.txt

sudo reboot

Login again

Uncomment devel in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbian.list

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hicolor-icon-theme xfce4-panel thunar-volman linux-image-3.14.28-armmp firmware-imx xserver-xorg-dev xserver-xorg-video-imx-viv xserver xfce4 lxterminal mesa-utils xinit x11-xserver-utils x11-xserver-utils

Add these repo's into /etc/apt/sources.list
deb trusty-updates main universe
deb trusty main universe

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Remove the ubuntu repo's from /etc/apt/sources.list again

apt-get update

Inside xfce4 choose "Run Program" and type:
su - xbian -c "chromium-browser --use-gl=egl"
hey, man, thanks for instructions. great job!

but i'm expecting problems on first step.

sudo apt-get upgrade says that xorg will be downgraded and after that my hummingboard fails to boot

The following packages will be DOWNGRADED:
libdrm2 xserver-common xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-input-evdev xserver-xorg-input-kbd xserver-xorg-input-mouse xserver-xorg-input-synaptics xserver-xorg-video-modesetting
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 8 downgraded, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
@Горобец Женя (What is your real name? Eugene?)

I ran the instructions above on a Cubox-i without any issues. The only difference being is that I used the standard image from the installer.

Also, can you double check that the sources.list and xbian.list is correct
Hi curlymo
can you please explain what this does (maybe screenshots)?
also, is it safe to install on my daily driver or this is just for testing purposes?
@djbijo This is just an experimental test to get Xbian and a X server running. It should NOT be used for a "live" system.

Whilst it works, you cannot have Xbian AND a X desktop running at the same time.
This desktop has been great.

I tried to install the new version and followed the instructions which showed no failures but when I tried startxfce4 I received a fatal server error.

Can you please advise as to what steps I should take to resolve, thanks.

Here is the Xorg.o.log file:
@tvideovi Please follow the rules, if you want a reply, and post log files via or as an inline text file (Not recommended)
(8th Mar, 2015 02:24 AM)IriDium Wrote: [ -> ]@tvideovi Please follow the rules, if you want a reply, and post log files via or as an inline text file (Not recommended)

Fair point - want to be good participant.

In this case I actually thought that because the log was short, it might be more convenient for you to read but take your point so here is the pastebin link ->

As a follow up I did the following:

- checked for new img and found that link on site gave an rpi img
- have since learned that this was reported by others a few hours ago
- saw a recommended link of
for a new 3/7 img
- have downloaded that img and will try again to build a desktop as per the instructions above
- did find that I had to use APT::Force--LoopBreak=1 on the apt-get install but assume that is OK

I will advise of results soon but if the attached log has a know solution, please let me know so I can respond if it happens this time, thank you.
Here is the update - success

By using the March 7 img the install and instructions including the apt-get worked well without a need to force anything.

The startxfce ran properly and I will now move to my applications testing.

It seems the problem was that I was using the Feb 7/28 img and whatever the problem, it has been rectified in the March 7 img.

My challenges were also increased as at the time of download yesterday, the xbian download page link for latest img was incorrect but thanks to the other person's post (can't remember who), I was directed to the correct March 7 img which worked.

Thank you
Glad you got something working, as I said in Here but all input is appreciated.

Many thanks for your input
It is really great that Xbian has extended their work to include this desktop environment.

While it may seem few are using it, I believe it can be of advantage to many CuBox-i users especially those who may want to work with webRTC as I do.

I will build on this img and if interested can let you or whomever know the results and performance.

I encourage you to keep this distro going or if not desirable for Xbian, then maybe Rabeeh at Solid Run would be willing to support it as one of the releases on the SR ignition site. While there is MxChrome already, Xbian has incorporated some good features (e.g. cec) they have not so perhaps this desktop disto would be of interest or value to SR.

I can recommend it to Rabeeh as I communicate with him on some technical matters but will wait for your agreement before I bring it to his attention or perhaps you have already done this, please advise.

My next step is to find a way of having the distro launch in terminal directly. Do you have any advice on how to do this as I am worried about breaking it entirely?

I am not asking you to do my work so even some direction of what files to delete or modify would be appreciated.

My thanks to the Xbian team for this desktop distro and other good work.
Already told you several times that you are free to do whatever you want in who you communicate and what it's about.
I was trying to consider your feelings as if I should talk to a company with whom you have a relationship.

My intention was to make sure I was not crossing any of your activity with them. I get it that it would be improper for you to tell me what to say or who to speak with and you have never done this.

On the other hand I felt it professional to ask if my talking with SR could have any negative impact on your relationship or business with SR. It was truly an attempt to be professional and considerate, nothing else.

Curlymo, it seems my good intentions (really they are) pave the road to hell.

You have helped me and I appreciate it. My hope was to fulfill my statement that I wanted to help and support Xbian. It seems the best I can do for you is express my regret and keep my mouth shut.

Can we start fresh as I sincerely regret if I have offended or pissed you off in any way?

If you can advise me on how I can launch your desktop directly into terminal I would appreciate that very much but if you are done and I do not hear from you I accept that as well.

All the best to you and Xbian.
I don't think he is angry @tvideovi
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