Full Version: CEC connection lost in XBIAN update menu
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Whenever I click on the option "check for updates" in the XBIAN config menu in Kodi, I get a "CEC Connection Lost" and my remote will not work anymore.

I use one of the latest versions of Xbian, believe it is a build of 7 Feb 2015.

My TV is a LG branded tv. It used to work all the time..

Does anyone experience the same issue?
Pi 1 or 2?
Pi model B version 1
Could you post the kodi log and the output of dmesg to pastebin and link it here after you lose CEC?
Well, the strange thing is.. I cannot get into Ssh anymore. The credentials (root, raspberry) or (xbian, raspberry) are all invalid..
It is definitely xbian|raspberry unless you changed it.
Hi @f1vefour,

the pastbin for kodi.log:
the pastbin for dmesg:

Hope this could be of any help!
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