Full Version: Installation of PiFace Digital I/O Card
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Dear people,

I am trying to get my I/O card running under XBian.
However, the guide for raspbian does not work:
Also the guide which I have used successfully for openelec 4 does not work:
(It also doesn't work for openelec 5 which was the reason for me to try out XBian)

Does anybody have experience with the PiFace Digital I/O Card on the pi2?

Kind regards Acoma78
modprobe spi-bcm2708

No offence, but for an experimental board user you should've been able to find this right?

First hit on Google with "Enable SPI Raspberry Pi"
Thank you for the hint. I will try that out. I just thougt that Arduino is the experimental board and raspi is the learnstrument ;-) Starting on the level of GPIO commands is much harder for me than starting with python commands and the piface library.
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