Full Version: Slow network
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XBian version: 1.0 (knockout) kernel: 3.18.5+. 20150206-0
XBMC/Kodi version: 14.1
Overclock settings: None

Device type and model: Rpi 2 B
Power supply rating: 5W (Apple Iphone adapter)
SD card size and make/type: 32 GB Sandisk Ultra class 10
Network (Ethernet or wireless): Ethernet
Connected devices (TV, USB, network storage, ...): TV, 1 TB Seagate (EXT4 formatted), Powered USB HUB

Problem description:
I've installed speedtest-cli to test the speeds and I'm only getting around 1.43 Mbit/s download and 0.79 Mbit/s upload. My connection is 16/4 Mbit/s so it's very slow. I've tested the same speedtest server with my PC and I'm getting the full 16/4. I'm also getting the same slow speed with transmission and downloading a random file with wget. When downloading a file from with CyberDuck from the pi to my pc it's steady around 1,9 Mbit/s.
I've tried setting it up with a static ip and with DHCP enabled but it's the same result. Maybe it's router/ISP related but not sure what it could be and would appreciate any inputs.
After playing around with IP address, netmask, and DNS servers the speed is normal now
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