Full Version: Connecting to hidden wifi
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XBian version: 1.1.8
XBMC/Kodi version: 14.2
Overclock settings: Custom (default)

Device type and model: Raspberry PI B/512MB
Power supply rating: 5v, 2A
SD card size and make/type: 32GB Samsung miro sd with sd adapter
Network (Ethernet or wireless):WiFi
Connected devices (TV, USB, network storage, ...): PC Monitor

Problem description:
I have bin looking around the forum and the web but not succeeded in finding a way to connect to a hidden wifi.
I have tried the usual way of connecting to a wifi in a debian os.
I have bin in under network in xbian but not bin able to tipe my ssid name.
Is there a way to connect to a hidden wifi? and if so, how?
If you know the SSID (WiFi network name) and password, you can connect if put below 2 lines in "/etc/network/interfaces":
wpa-psk <PASSWORD>
(This is assuming your using WPA for security)

If you dont know the SSID, you will really need to unhide your WiFi and do a discovery.
For that you can use the 'xbian-config' command.
You can also manually type the SSID in xbian-config.
I know my ssid and password.
my network is running WPA2-personal.

I xbian-conf in ssh? i have tried that but it just fails...
Inside "Kodi" under xbian conf i cant seam to find a way to manually enter the ssid..
Use SSH or directly on your Pi (CLI) and do

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
or sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces

you will then be able to edit the wifi AP and pwd on the file like in the example below:

auto lo
# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)

iface eth0 inet dhcp
iface lo inet loopback

allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp

wpa-ssid name_of_the_wifi_network
wpa-psk your_password_here

iface default inet dhcp

after you are done, on nano just press CTRL+x and select save (yes). Reboot the Pi.
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