Full Version: CEC dependent proprietary protocols Compatibility
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I found here and on other sites a considerable number of users (myself included) with problems using rPi CEC and the proprietary communication protocols (Standards ?) of some TV (and other HDMI dependent A/V equipment) manufacturers like for example LG SimpLink.

The ideia is to share models and if possible series of models of equipment that work or cause problems and if possible share solutions.

Please use this only to list working, solutions and not working situations and do not make requests on this thread.
Hisense 32H3E CEC fully functional.
From my personal experience:

LG 2009 models LH3xxx tv sets (SimpLink 1.x):

With or without Simplink activated no problems where found. CEC commands works as expected.

LG 2011 models LV5xxx, LV4xxx (LG Smart TV's running Linux kernel 2.6.x and SimpLink v2(?)):

Without any other CEC enabled device connected to the tv, rPi CEC works as expected (SimpLink On or Off),
With SimpLink On and a LG Blu-ray player connected to the tv, CEC only works on the rPi and the tv randomly selects the HDMI input of the rPi as source preventing the normal usage of other inputs... So CEC on the rPi must be turned off.
With SimpLink off CEC does not work on any device

LG 2014/2015 WebOs TV's models LB(8,7,6,5)xxx (WebOs 1.x):

Prior to firmware version 4.45.x SimpLink causes the OS to become slow and unusable with several CEC devices, rPi inc!uded. Turning off SimpLink resolves this and CEC works as expected on all devices including rPi.
After firmware 4.45.x this problem appears to resolved and so far SimpLink ON is working with rPi and other devices connected to the tv.

Will update this info when i can test otherf models.
LG models from 2011 (LV5xx and LV4xx) now work withouth flaws with LG Simplink On and other devices connected to the rest of the HDMI ports.
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