Full Version: Using bluetooth to send audio to Xbian
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Hello, im currently running OE but I was told that Xbian could do this. I have searched forums and used google and cant figure out if it can or even how to do it if it can. The set up is like this: Pi in parents living room connected to tv running OE. One of them uses airplay to play music on the Pi which is connected to the surround sound. The other and most of their friends dont have iphones so they want to be able to connect using bluetooth so they can also stream music (without having to get apps). I was told Xbian can do this using pulseaudio or alsa and a usb bluetooth dongle. Any tutorials on how to do this would be great. Thank you.
Airplay is just "UPnP" with an Apple logo stamped on it.
I dont understand why Apple persists on going its own way with Airplay while all the other brands already accepted DLNA(UPnP) as the standard:

Why dont you have your (non Apple)friends install an app that can stream music to Kodi/XBMC via DLNA(UPnP) like for example "BubbleUPnP" ?
(need to activate setting "Allow control of XBMC via UPnP" in Kodi/XBMC)
I wouldn't know how to setup blueutooth to pipe incoming streams to Kodi/XBMC but it just sounds like too much effort.
Would something like that let me stream for example pandora from my phone to kodi? The reason I ask is because we have vpns on our phones for pandora because we live outside the US. Also could i stream something from youtube like I can with airplay?
You can't use Kodi as a Bluetooth receiver, you have to go a different route. Personally I use BubbleUPnP, it is $4.99 or so but totally worth it.

You can use BubbleUPnP to stream basically anything your Android device can play, including Pandora but you must be rooted and use the Xposed framework with included Xposed module.
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