Full Version: Waveshare LCD 4 pi2 issue
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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to make a car pc from a raspberry pi 2 and a waveshare lcd 4.
Both of this items works well with the given image (raspbian distro)

But after loooooooooooooong tests, i'm really unable to use the tft touchscreen to work with xbian image...

I can't have any display on my tft screen (works well on my hdmi tv)

is there some kind of working tutorial for xbian ?

i've tried lots and lots of tutorial but none of them was designed for xbian : missing file, missing package, not able to install notro driver because of the lack of rpi-update (btw with rpi-update installed i cant boot my pi after upgrading i can't get any display even on my tv)

So as my last ressort I come to get some help in here.

I hope there will be a good soul to help me on this.

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