Full Version: Where to hook in kodi prestart scripts?
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I have been trying to start some scripts, mainly for configuration of logfile location right now (but this will be expanded), BEFORE XBMC/Kodi starts up, without success until now. Apparently the /usr/local/bin/kodistart script is NOT being used for that, so therefore my question: HOW and WHERE can I customize things (like for example a link to the kodi.log on /tmp/) right now? How exactly does the start of the kodi service (there is no script in /etc/init.d) work? Huh

Thanks in advance
Kodi is being started by "upstart":
Have a look in the "/etc/init" folder.
I believe "xbmc-preload.conf" is the first kodi bit that starts.
But you can still use old school "init.d" scripts or put stuff in "/etc/rc.local" if you like.

EDIT: to symlink the kodi logs in the /tmp folder:
ln -s /home/xbian/.kodi/temp/kodi.log /tmp/kodi.log
Thanks man! I will take a look...
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