Full Version: Create backup as image on Server
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i use the dedicated xbian function to create a whole system backup in an image file.

When i use a local USB drive as destination, it works successful.

But when i choose a destination on a samba server (i tried my own PC an on my NAS as destination), i get 1 second after the start the note that its done.
There is no file created on the share. The account that mapped the share, has permission to write on the share.

Regards, Thiemo

no idea regarding the issue ?

In the meantime i use the Filemanager to check the permission on the destination server. The Filemanager is able to copy a file from local to the Samba Server.

cu, Thiemo
Same here.
I think, i found the reason of the issue.

The kodi Filemanager use the mounts that are configures within kodi.

The Xbian Backuptool seams only to start a command with the tool dd in the command line.
But in the CLI are the kodi mounts are not kown. That means, the dd command get a non exist folder as destination to create the image file.

To solve the issue, its needed to improve the xbian kodi backup function to mount the destination. Or its needed to mount the destination manually in the Linux environment.

Any idea how is able to report this bug ?
Nice work! Cool

You need to report it here....
(6th Sep, 2015 07:13 AM)Skywatch Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work! Cool

You need to report it here....

Thank you, i report it as case 763:
Thank you - I gave you a rep for that! Wink
I get a reply to my report about this issue. The solution is, that in further time the mounts in kodi will be hidden in the list of possible destination.

But i still want backup my xbian inside of the kodi frontent to my fileserver. So please find below my workaround:

In the CLI of my Raspberry i create a additional folder and provide full access for everyone:
mkdir /home/xbian/.kodi/imagebackup
chmod 777 /home/xbian/.kodi/imagebackup

As next i start the editor to add the mounting to my server in the rc.local (its a possibility to mount it after each start)
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

In the rc.local, i add this line:
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=xxx,password=yyy //server/xbian /home/xbian/.kodi/imagebackup/
please note that you need to use your own user, passwort and destionation

After a restart its only needed to use the kodi filemanager to add the local folder /home/xbian/.kodi/imagebackup as source.
Now you could use the imagebackup as destination for a image file.

instead of the filemanager, you could also add this lines in the section <files> in file /home/xbian/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml
<path pathversion="1">/home/xbian/.kodi/imagebackup/</path>
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