Full Version: I forgot the pin number
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Hello to all,

I have a raspberry pi with xbian. Some time ago I put pin code on meniu kodi (configuration). Now
I forgot the pin number. How can by pass this pin? I have only 3 attempts to try.
Is there any solution or do I have to reinstall everything? I know root password and I have acces on ssh.
Stop Kodi, either from the GUI or through SSH, delete profiles.xml in your .kodi/userdata directory and reboot or just restart Kodi. A new profiles.xml file will then be created.
If you actually have more than one profile, you'd need to edit profiles.xml manually, but this is error-prone so I'd suggest you ask Google for some results on the Kodi forum.
It's work; I delete profiles.xml and I stop raspberyy from charger.
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