Full Version: Upgrade section in forum software?
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It seems that there are sometimes issues with upgrading Xbian and it would be good to have a section where people can post and share in one place.

Currently, people are posting in installation and configuration and others.

An 'update and upgrade' section would help direct all such issues (and fixes) in one area.
I agree. just having issues updating to the latest xbmc package because apparently prerequisites aren't met.
does anybody know what to do?
Yeah, I had that on my pi2 (but not on pi1 strangely).

I just re-flashed the card to working status and left it at that. I guess you could try to install the packages listed first manually and then try the upgrade again? - I didn't have time to try it out. Or just wait for a fix to come along (hopefully quicker than the VNC issue, which is still broke).
an update section with the latest status, would be nice. After an update failure 1 or 2 months ago, I have disabled the auto-update, especially since I see 'difficult' procedures on the forum on how to update packet per packet. I don't know if these helpful answers are for that specific user only or that we still shouldn't auto-update our setup until 'it' is solved that causes the conflicts.
@Skywatch, you are ofc free to take any action you think is needed. IMHO the manual i suggested several times could be a good place for it.
OK, but how ???
Start by writing some interesting LibreOffice fodt XBian manual pages and share them with me. Then i'll setup the manual site like i did for pilight.
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