Full Version: Kodi Remote App ios not working
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I have kodi remote app on ios, I've enabled http remote and set username and password into Settings>Services>Webserver, I did the same in Kodi Remote App on my iphone, but kodi remote won't connect...
(it was working without trouble on osmc and openelec)

do you have any idea?

I think there is a bit of a problem with the latest release (but unable to confirm).

I have a similar problem - am using Kore on android:
All setting in XBMC are correct and works fine when setup, BUT if I reboot the MC, the settings are loaded and displayed correctly, but Kore wil not connect UNLESS I go back into the settings and unset/reset the Web Server.

Does this 'work' for you? If so, may need to flag as a PROBLEM or raise another issue.

Digging a bit deeper, I ssh'd to the MC, but the config app seems to be unwell in that the interface is not displayed correctly.

NB: Also tested with Yatse - same issues, so smacks of a service issue either on Kodi or XBMC - pretty sure it's all fine with OSMC, so must be a XBMC issue....?
If you are still around, try the latest upgrade today. It might just solve the issue.
Rebuilt using the latest image (XBian_2015.12.06_rpi2.img) and, the kore app is working as expected :-)
More....I reverted back to the previous image and applied the updates from within Kodi/Xbian - that too makes the kore app work as expected.
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