Full Version: Cubox-i Wireless only works when Ethernet connected
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Xbian release: 20151221; Xbian 1.0/Kernel 4.3.3
Kodi: 15.2
Overclock: default
Hardware: Cubox-i with the Freescale iMX6 Quad
Network: Embedded WiFi card and Ethernet port.

I want this box to work on WiFi only. So far I have been able to get ethernet working (dhcp, default) and the WiFi configuration (static) works only when the ethernet cable is connected. I've done all configuration with Xbian-config command UI.

So at some point I can ssh with two different IPs. If I unplug the ethernet cable both interfaces go down. If I boot without the cable, WiFi does not start.

I tried configuring network bonding just for the sake of testing (see this), but it didn't work.

Has anyone been through this?

On RPi2 - removing the Ethernet also brings both connections down, but on reboot the wireless still works.

I'd suggest setting your STATIC IP for the Wifi via the ssh xbian-config as that is what I used. Also have a look in /etc/network/interfaces and check that the SSID and PSK both look correct.
I've never had problems on all my boxes (RPi1, RPi2 and i.MX6 (Hummingboard)). I'm always using static IP's for ETH and WLAN. ETH is mostly unplugged
Oh! On reboot the wireless still works.
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(23rd Nov, 2018 06:44 PM)robertwadera Wrote: [ -> ]Oh! On reboot the wireless still works.
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