Full Version: egalax Touch Screen Calibration Inverted
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I'm setting up xbian for a car pc I've been following the guide on and I finally got the touch screen working, but the Y position? (up/down) for touch is inverted. the right and left positions are fine just the up and down are wrong. I couldn't find anyone else having this problem on the forums.
could this be solved by going to the egalax programming and changing the y position some how?

I'm using the latest version of xbian and i installed the Egalax using this
found at
I'm not sure if that's a good install or if it works this the newest version of xbain?

I'm pretty new at all this and I hope that's enough info to help me

I want to thank everyone in advance
Is this problem solved?

If so, can you change the status from problem to solved. Thanks.
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