Full Version: Cubox-4 leftover file mount
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I've no idea why, but after a reboot, there is a new mount point.

/dev/mmcblk0p2 7.2G 1.6G 5.4G 23% /tmp/tmp.QKCNiMjETO

The last action was an IMAGE copy to a Flash drive, which I thought finished successfully.

Is this something I can remove and if so, how. Otherwise, what has happened? Is this a bug?
This is done by initramfs (no sure if this is done directly in initramfs of after leaving). I have same issue on all my systems, was already investigating but still without success Sad

If you're disabling initramfs, this mount does not appear.
Odd. Disappeared this evening. Maybe I just did a "df" at the "right" moment.

I guess I'm using initramfs, it's a basic stock install with very little customisation.
Can this be moved to the cubox area? Might be better for future people searching for this.
Hmmm, maybe not good idea because this can happen for all RPi's also
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