Full Version: Re-install VNC server in xbian?
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One of my pi has decided not to show anything when connecting via VNC. It connects OK to the laptop, but I just get a box with a blank screen. No graphics at all.

I figured the way to solve this might be to uninstall and reinstall the vnc server package, but I don't want to break anything else in the process!

So what would be the best approach to this? Which comands to use?

Thanks. Smile
Pi already rebooted?
Are you sure that vnc server is running?
Are you sure that your problem is not the client side? (when I use krdc as client I'm always getting black window)

Hmmm, you're making daily image backups and you can revert your changes from snapshots. Why do you think you could break anything?

I would run

sudo apt-get purge xbian-package-vnc-server; sudo apt-get install xbian-package-vnc-server

in the first step Smile
Well, I tried the fiest command and got an incrementing error about something already running (I didn't write it down unfortunately) and then re-flashed the image and all is well so far. No idea what was going on in there though.
(13th Aug, 2016 09:02 PM)Skywatch Wrote: [ -> ]... (I didn't write it down unfortunately)

... as usual Tongue

Quote:and then re-flashed the image and all is well so far. No idea what was going on in there though.

So we know two things:

Installation wasn't broken
Backup is working very well
Well *something* was not right. Tongue
I could VNC to all pi and get kodi page, but this one pi would not give a graphical display. VNC client could connect, a window would open (but smaller than usual), but it remained blank.Huh

As for the backups, it has made life a lot easier to have the automatic daily backups to the server. But I still need to shut down the pi and remove the card to reflash on a PC. Did you ever look into being able to reflash via network? I would think it should be possible with a new command within xbian-config to mount a minimal rescue type OS that supports btrfs and then stream the data to reflash from the server. As it is an image then it should be good to go with a reboot pointing to the image to boot from and deleteing the rescue code.

I wish I understood more about this sort of thing as I could be more specific and helpful. Sad
I had the same problem, I'm looking for good advice.
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