Full Version: File Sharing
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I am using Xbian mainly for internet video, but I would like to use a USB external drive with it. What would be useful would be if I could plug the drive into the Xbian and then make this accessible over the LAN.

I was about to go down the route of working out how to mount the external drive and then possibly install Samba.

However, I suspect that the mounting is already done automatically in Xbian - is this true?

Also, I see there are settings for SMB and Airplay. Is there a quicker way to get a LAN file server enabled on the Xbian without having to install and configure Samba.

I would be really grateful for any advice.
OK having had another look at the config on the xbian, I see that the SMB settings are to make xbian a *client*.
What I want to do is make xbian an SMB *server* which shares a harddrive plugged into it

Has anyone done this, can anyone point me at a guide please.
Just install xbian-package-samba and configure the /etc/smb.conf to your liking.
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