Full Version: How do I use a USB stick for the userdata
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I have found a guide on how to run xbian from a USB-stick but I get an error directly when I use xbian-config to copy the dev/root to the USB.

Cant find anything on that error (can't remember it either now) so I have scrapped that idea and thought I go for just using the USB for the userdata. I can find some howtos and references, but not anything specific xbian.

I have had a couple of SD cards break down on me, and the only thing I usually miss is the Kodi settings and addons.

Is it a better idea to run everything from the USB and if so is there a better guide than the one in the wiki (as I cant even get passed the copying of /dev/root).
After reading the wiki and a thread here in the forum, I solved the problem.
So all is fine.
That's fine, so I can set this thread as solved Smile
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