Full Version: Which sdcard for xbian?
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In the last few month i have no luck with my sdcards an a pi2 with xbian. Have a yaer ago my old sandisk ultra died after 2 years of daily use... Now in the last 6 month normal sdcards dies in my pi after 2, 1 and the last after three month.
I plan do buy a "better" card, but which one? After googling arround i think a

Samsung evo select
Samsung pro plus

is a good choise for xbian.

Any other suggestions? Or is my choise completly wrong?
That's a difficult question, I had very bad experience using Samsung Evo older ones (used in Pi1, Pi2 and in Cubieboard2). Most of them already died in a period of a few weeks. Actually I'm using Sandisk Ultra (since 18 months), because my 8GB card in my Hummingboard Quad/2G is still in good health Smile
I have had good luck with Samsung EVO Select, and SanDisk Ultra.

Out of the two I lean towards SanDisk.
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