Full Version: XBMC Universal USB remote issues
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I've got an universal official XBMC remote" Sapphire" that is suppose to work out of the box with XBMC ( it works fully with OpenElec) and I'm trying out Xbian 1.0.4 alpha and upgrade to 12 final for the first time today and only buttons that work are the arrow buttons, i cannot even go back. I have to use the web gui to navigate or a ipazz. I remember seeing an add-on for remotes support somewhere, but I don't see any option to get or enable. does anyone have the same remote and know a quick fix for an universal usb ir xbmc remote?

Ps. So far my experience with xbian is good besides the remote and a few .mkv 1080p playback issues, I would like to keep it.

Thanks in advance
(8th Feb, 2013 05:34 PM)Koenkk Wrote: [ -> ]Can you try this guide?

I had already tried the guide. thanks
And the results? How far did you come?
(8th Feb, 2013 11:28 PM)CurlyMo Wrote: [ -> ]And the results? How far did you come?

Not far. I stopped lilc services and tried to go in mode2 and no luck, didnt make it far and ran out of time. I have not messed with it since.
Can you try the steps i posted earlier in this thread:
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