Full Version: video output is too bright [wrong edid detection]
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Before RPi+xbian i have used atom nettop for my htpc. I have noticed that video output is brighter than it was on nettop.
The main problem is black screen saver. When xbmc runs screensaver then my TV turns off backlight (on black screen as i understand). I setup black screensaver on xbian, but my TV doesn't turn off backlight. And the picture is brighter as i can see. I think the reason is TV get black screen as dark-grey and doesn't want to turn light off.
I'm using the same HDMI cable.
Is it possible to configure color profile on xbian to make it less bright?

Thank you!
As far as I know this is not possible from the raspberry pi side. What TV model do you have?
Samsung UE32C5000QW

it's a pity. So convenient and useful feature Sad when listening to radio or music, or just while xbmc idles.
So such properties are predefined in hardware?
try to add this line into your /boot/config.txt
and reboot

please report if is any better
oh, cool, it's working!!!!

Thank you very much!!!
(2nd Mar, 2013 04:58 AM)denis.n Wrote: [ -> ]oh, cool, it's working!!!!

Thank you very much!!!

thank you for reply and glad is working for you Wink

it seems the Smasung TV's has a problem with edid, so wrong values are detected

good to know is working as it may help others
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