Full Version: Play audio CD via USB?
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Hi everyone!
I tried to search around but I found nothing.
I attached an external USB CDROM drive to the raspberry and I remember that with alpha4 the CD was recognized but there was no way to play an audio CD.
Now with alpha5 I can't find my CDROM drive...

Any suggestion on how to get it to work?

thread reopened on users request and explanation.
some useful information from the XBMC on RPi dev
(2nd Mar, 2013 07:43 PM)rikardo1979 Wrote: [ -> ]some useful information from the XBMC on RPi dev

That was the point where I stopped, since I'm really not a developer Smile
In this link (also linked in the external thread), everything stopped in the bug-tracking step.
Is there anyone that can compile that module the way it has been asked and post the log?
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