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If I watch a video on my set I get very low volume. I have a small-ish room where the unit is and I usually only have the TV up to between 4-7 to watch video. To listen to mp3 audio I usually have to keep it roughly the same if not lower.

I am running 1a05 and using the Aeon Nox skin (don't think the skin matters but hey). I am using HDMI for audio and have been since I got my RPi. Now for some reason since updating to 1a05 when it was released my video sound is down severely. Currently it is on 10 and I can barely hear it in a quiet house! What gives?

It also doesn't discriminate. It does this with avi/mkv/mp4.

Current file is "9".mp4 witch ac3 audio.

Do you guys/gals think I need to convert the audio of all my video files to mp3 instead of ac3? I know that the ac3 audio is native DVD fare so I imagine that when I ripped the movie to file it just brought it along for the show?

Thank you all in advance!
Why does the title say "Solved"?
(5th Mar, 2013 10:21 PM)CurlyMo Wrote: [ -> ]Why does the title say "Solved"?

Well darn it man! I thought I pressed Problem not Solved! Bad case of sausage fingers. Well I guess you can call it solved now though. I am currently using Official remote for iOS and even though I had not changed any settings something told me to try something. Long story short, I pressed the audio button on said remote and it increased my volume. The only thing I can think is that via regular mp3 audio it was playing back at 5.1 and somehow with video I was only getting audio through cruddy Vizio speakers. So surround sound (it really is only a 2.1 system) vs TV speakers makes a huge difference.
can you post your A/V out settings please ?
(5th Mar, 2013 11:13 PM)rikardo1979 Wrote: [ -> ]can you post your A/V out settings please ?

Do I need to do the log file thing or just post output settings?

Video output :

Resolution :1366 x 768

Refresh Rate :60.00

Audio output :

Audio output : HDMI

Speaker Configuration : 2.1

Boost: n/a
Output stereo to all speakers : n/a

Should the speaker configuration be set to 5.1 at all times in my case?
no,log is not neededbut can you be more specific about the AV system you have ? you mentioned some Vizio speakers, can you direct me to the link where I can see the full specs of this device ?
My set up consists of:

Vizio 32"

Labtec 2.1 speaker system
*I can't find the exact speaker kit because it is ANCIENT**
But it is very similar to the Pulse 420 just with different satellite speakers.

I use the HDMI in then output to speaker via audio out on TV.
thanks for reply, but I still dont have the answer I looking for Wink
sorry is maybe my fault as I didnt ask clearly maybe.
I need to know axact connections of all devices in chain - RPi + TV + AVR + Speakers

from what I can see atm you go from RPi over HDMI to the TV from where you go to speakers. Here is the missing bit. as I need to know what is between TV and speakers and how is this par connected.

I can just give it a guess that you go by analog stereo RCA to the AVR or speakers but need to confirm.
If this is the case than you need to change your settings in your XBMC Audio OUT from 2.1 to 2.0 as you have only stereo RCA connection between TV and speakers.
You would also need to disable the external DD and DTS decoders in same settings and also enable the stereo level boost.
There is no receiver between TV and speakers. I feed the cheapo set directly from the stereo output of the Vizio. I will follow your suggestion as far as the settings go. My only concern is that while listening to audio it plays fine. Also if I select the audio via either remote (iOS or Yatse for Android) it then works? The audio that it switches to is shown as AAC3 5.1. I guess I'm just confused as to why it does that. I will set the points to what you suggested and report back to you.

Settings updated and tried several different file types. The problem has been addressed to complete satisfaction.

I tried mp4, mkv, and avi. they all play at the same volume level and can be heard with volume on TV set between 5-7 and volume on Labtec speakers about 60-75%.

Thank you guys for your help! It is greatly appreciated.

I have introduced a friend to the Pi and he now has one on the way and will be utilizing xbian as his new HT set up! I am happy to spread the news to the masses!

You guys/gals are great!Big Grin
glad you are happy and we could help to your satisfactory and thank you for spreading a good word about our project.

Regarding to files with AAC multichannel audio, the file format is not fully supported on RPi just yet so it is software downmix into stereo
Im sorry but for niw there is not much we can do.
Don't hesitate to let you and your friends donate (a little) Wink
I have exactly $1.19 in my checking account! I am running off of donations myself! Ha! But in the event that I procure gainful employment believe me xbian is on my list of charitable donations!
this is simple up to each person if he/she wants and can afford a donation Wink
just a click to Give a thanks! if anyone helps you is enough and appreciated
Of course, but just to let people know...
yes Wink every donation is more than welcome as it helps us to run the project so we dont have to cover all costs from our pockets Wink
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