Full Version: Is 1080p "too much" for Live TV on the Pi?
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I can't run my Pi in turbo. It crashes too easily. I can't even run it in "Hi." I even tried a 2.1A power supply from my wife's iPad. Nope.

I was stuck at "medium." I did bump it a bit over Medium and it seems to be stable.

Here's my settings:


Anyway, even with these settings, I can't reliably run everything in 1080p. Videos play fine, but Live TV from MediaPortal is just too CPU-intensive on HD channels. I get too much stuttering and re-buffering.

So, I dropped everything to 720p. The GUI res, the Video Output, everything. Now I've got stable LiveTV Performance.

Aside from pushing the envelope with overclocking, is there anything else that can be done to improve LiveTV Performance in 1080p? Since my videos that are 1080p play fine, I'd like to be able to play them in their max resolution, but not at the expense of having unwatchable LiveTV.

I think it is Sad
I would like to test but unfortunately I do not have any HD Tuner

any1 wants to donate us some ?
Anyone else have an opinion here? Is there a way to get a little more GPU performance enough to handle the 1080p Live TV?

Where are you located? I have a spare Hauppauge card that I can set that will tune ATSC and ClearQAM. You can put that in a PC and use some other headend to send to your pi.

I will need to know TODAY if the Hauppauge card (HVR-1600) is useful to the project. I am cleaning out extra hardware to give to a friend TONIGHT and will be taking it to him TOMORROW. If you want this HVR-1600 for the project, let me know IMMEDIATELY.

PM me with location information. Are you willing to pay for the shipping?
we are all in EU ( NL, UK, BE) so not sure about your location and if is going to be worth of sending, but really appreciate your offer Wink
regarding to the Live playback I think this would not be HW problem but more likely SW and specifically PVR addon.
The RPi is capable to play Full HD 1080p (even 10bit files, but with limits atm) so I would not see this as an cause of this stutter.
As I said, more likely the limitation rely in PVR function
Do some quick research on the Hauppauge web site to see if it is capable of tuning your frequencies. I don't know. Looking at the UK Hauppague web site, they don't show the same model, so it may not work for your frequencies.... If it will, I will send it...

Alternatively, you could tell me what information you need to gather from my setup and I can send it to you.

What PVR Add-on are you guys using? Are any of you able to tune LiveTV in HD and display at 1080p? Is it possible that the bitrate of the LiveTV Stream is too HIGH for the RPi to process and still have enough CPU left to display at 1080p?
so as your card is for US, this would not work in EU as it is different standard
but thanks for your offer Wink
OK. Can I provide any data? Logs, etc?
I'm afraid that I would not be able to help much here as I mentioned before I do not have any tuner so I do not use PVR functions at all, so I do not have such experience to tell or discuss.

I found some talk on XBMC Forum about this issue so maybe you would be able to get some more information over there.
As I said, this would be caused more likely by MP addon for XBMC or by player what is used in XBMC on RPi to play the stream is simply not good for this. But all these are just my deep guesses.
Hi at all
i have all 3 rpi distros testet always the same problem
my last hope was xbian that is an debian and these omxplayer is not on board but it was the same
so my change that an dev have a look into these bug is one of xbian
then the devs of omx and xbmc are not realy interrestet to fix these bug

little update here

can you test and see if is any better?
(19th Mar, 2013 03:53 PM)rikardo1979 Wrote: [ -> ]little update here

can you test and see if is any better?

no nothing is better with these settings
also an update
apt-get update -y and so on
the only thing we can use live tv with tvh is the proxy

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