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How to update the XBMC on the raspberry PI - Snoemann - 21st Jun, 2013 08:15 AM


Probably this post is going to be boringly easy for you guys, but I am a amateur raspberry user, and I don't understand the instructions I find.

I am using the XBIAN version of XBMC for the raspberry Pi today. Version 12.0.

Now I would like to upgrade to the newest version.

I read that I had to ssh in to my raspberry pi, so I tried to do that, and think I managed.

First I tried with username xbian and password raspberry.
But that didn't work, and finally I tried root and raspberry. That worked Big Grin

Then I tried writing stuff I found into the command prompt.

See attached picture. It doesnt seem to work very well does it? Smile

What should I do?

RE: How to update the XBMC on the raspberry PI - Fred - 21st Jun, 2013 08:17 PM

How did you install your sd card? It looks like you are not on an XBian image.

First you should be able to login as xbian. Use both xbian and raspberry without capital letters. Logging in as root can be dangerous if you are not careful (because you have permission to do anything). When you are logged in as root you don't need to type sudo before the commands, sudo is used if you want to run a command you need root privileges for but are not logged in as root.

You are trying to pass commands while the previous has not finished yet. It will hang at the '100% bzip' line for a while, that's normal.
You should wait until it has finished, it's finished when you see this:

xbian@xbian ~ $

Or in your case (because you logged in as root)


RE: How to update the XBMC on the raspberry PI - IriDium - 23rd Jun, 2013 01:11 AM

Certainly looks like you have installed a copy of Raspbian as xbian/raspberry always works. Also a XBIAN banner appears and not a Debian one.

Download a fresh image file from

To upgrade you have two options - I prefer the latter.

1) From xbian-config - option 5 "Check for system updates"
2) From XBMC Programs -> Xbian-config->Updates