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DownloadDaemon/jDownloader installation - drvector - 30th Jun, 2013 01:08 AM

Can someone tell me step by step how to install DownloadDaemon on fresh Xbian Beta 1?
I tried pyLoad but i dont like its Web Interface and then i saw DD Web Interface and i love it but i cant figure how to install the whole thing on my RPi Sad

Is there any possibility to install jDownloader on XBian? I only want to login by Web Interface with jD and add links to files by it not by te GUI of jD.
And yesSmile It would be nice to have step by step installation of jDSmile

Sorry for my English but i hope You understand what Im talking aboutSmile

RE: DownloadDaemon/jDownloader installation - Fred - 30th Jun, 2013 05:02 PM

RE: DownloadDaemon/jDownloader installation - namtih - 3rd Jul, 2013 05:34 PM

I've tested jdownloader in January and it wasn't really usable. The Rpi isn't powerful enough for such Java applications.
And as JD2 hasn't any web-interface yet you must use the GUI which makes it more worse/slower.

So I'm using DownloadDaemon since several months and it really works quite well. The CPU usage isn't too high, so you can keep downloading files while using XBMC or watching films. But the developer hasn't much time, so there isn't much development in the past. Most plugins are also only working with Premium support.

As there is no pre-compiled package, you will have to compile it on your own and also install a little webserver for the webinterface.
Fred already posted the link to the original install instruction to compile it.