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Latest news? - SubNoize - 24th Dec, 2012 11:30 AM

The website looks awesome but it's missing a "latest news" on the front page. I generally check the home page twice a week or so and i'm now finding it impossible to track any progress of the project on the new site.

When compared to the old site i could scroll down the list of headlines until i was up to date with everything, now when i hit the front page it's a cluster fuck of words.

Actually whilst writing this i've just gone back and had another look and it does seem to be there but it's sitting under the download/community/support/dev headers and sort of fades into the site.

Perhaps a way to make them stand out a little more ? maybe they can auto cycle through the 3 latest updates with an image/colour appearing on each tab as it highlights that update.

RE: Latest news? - BartOtten - 24th Dec, 2012 07:01 PM

Tnx for the feedback, will have a look at it (promising nothing Tongue) after Christmas or the holidays Smile


ps. You might want to follow the news closely. Alpha4 is around the corner. If it's good enough...maybe a Christmas present? Wink