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Pulseaudio and Xbian? - rubin110 - 27th Jul, 2013 03:30 AM

Hi there. So I've got the latest build running on an rpi. I have HDMI hooked up with speakers on the other end. Airplay seems to be a bit broken within XBMC, so I've turned that off. I want to stream audio to the device via Pulseaudio (since many of my other machines are simply linux), so I've gone through the motions and installed all that, including the esound pule module and snd-bcm2835 kernel module.

I can stream audio to Pulseaudio over the network just fine, but sadly all the audio coming from XBMC is garbled up. If I press pause the audio will continue to be garbled. Anyone ever encountered this? If so is there some switch on the XBMC side I need to flip to get it to play nice with Pulse? Thanks!

RE: Pulseaudio and Xbian? - rikardo1979 - 27th Jul, 2013 06:03 PM

no, you cant use Pulse or Alsa on RPi XBMC's builds, this is simply not supported. All builds usu OMXPlayer which is hardcoded into XBMX