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Library update duration - christiang830 - 25th Aug, 2013 08:42 AM


I searched this forums and many others about this problem. Sorry if i missed anything.

I got a library of a bit over 1,100 movies. I scaped every movie including nfo, poster and fanart by ember media manager.

I started to read this library by Xbian running on a Raspberry Pi Rev 2. The media is located at USB drives directly connected to the Pi.
Anything goes without a problem but the reading is running now for about 5 hours and its still at starting letter K. So it will take aprox about 12 hours to complete reading the nfos and posters without any need so scrape.

So there must be anything wrong that i miss ... Could anyone give me a hint whats going on here.


RE: Library update duration - mk01 - 25th Aug, 2013 08:59 AM

RPI is very very weak when it goes to CPU processing power. Although it can technically host DB and storage as well, handling those is overkill.

Buy a cheap NAS, attach the disk to it and even host mysql DB on it. RPI will then provide more fun to you than punishment