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Cannot connect to XFS NAS - PassLine - 30th Dec, 2012 10:52 AM

I finally got around to setting up xbian today, and tried to connect XBMC to my NAS box, and ran into some issues.

Some quick info:
xbian Alpha 3 1.0
Buffalo TeraStation TS2.0TGL/R5, XFS (set up as a workgroup)
Addition portable HDD connected to NAS via USB, NTFS

When searching via SMB, I can locate the workgroup, and see my two separate shares. I can access the files from the USB drive, but not the NAS. It appears to be kicking back my user ID/pw when accessing that particular share, although I'm sure it's correct (it's not specifically stating bad ID/pw, but it's dropping me back to the screen to enter my credentials.)

Shared folder support for Windows is currently active on the share, access restrictions are correct, etc. I'm sure that this is a configuration issue (as this is my first time attempting something like this) but I'm not quite sure which direction to look in.


RE: Cannot connect to XFS NAS - rikardo1979 - 30th Dec, 2012 11:33 AM

how did you add the sources ? have you followed this guide ?
XBMC add sources
if not can you post step by step what you trying to do ?