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512 Board Issues XBMC - princeshoko - 30th Dec, 2012 02:55 PM

Posted this over on the Rpi site as well. Any help is appreciated.

I am at a loss after many days of testing and re testing i don't know what the issue is.

I have several 256 boards that all work flawless. I'm 100% happy with the 256 boards but the 512's since they are standard now have me at a point to where i can't see buying more then 1 when I'd really like to have 8.

I got a 512 board and it will run Rasbian fine as best i can tell, but Xbian and XBMC the two programs i use most oftin after several seconds or on startup the keyboard/mouse will not work. I have tried both wired and wireless keyboards and mouse same issues. Ive switched power cables, power plugs, power strips , switched HDMI cables, network cables and have even tried several TV's just to be sure and the issue is only on Xbian and XBMC i can not get a 512 board to use a keyboard or mouse at all but the 256 boards work just fine. I event sent my first board back got a replacement and same issue.

I bought a volt meter and checked TP1 TP2, F3 all work as intended both with jacks plugged in and with nothing but power all levels are fine on the board.

I am at a loss as if i can't use the 512mb pi with xbian or xbmc then i'm stuck using only 256 boards for my tv's. I'd buy several 512's if this issue were resolved as it has to be something with the USB ports or some redesign.

I know the 512's ive tried say Made in China which im not happy about. I wonder if a Made in UK would work better or just work 100% as intended?

Also thanks to anyone who can offer advice or help.!

PS- I also bought a powered usb hub for they usb keyboard and mouse just in case it was power still same results both wired and wireless trys.

RE: 512 Board Issues XBMC - flangefrog - 30th Dec, 2012 08:54 PM

Have a look at I have tried several things from there but occasionally my keyboard still does not work after bootup, so I fix it by SSHing into the pi and restarting XBMC: sudo /etc/init.d/xbmc restart

RE: 512 Board Issues XBMC - Bariel - 4th Jan, 2013 12:01 AM

I'm having exactly the same issue on a 512mb model B board, no problems at all running Raspbian with either mouse or keyboards but within xbian 1.0 alpha 4 the keyboard and mouse work fine for a while when I boot up xbian but then after 10-30 seconds or so of use they stop functioning.

I've tried a couple of different keyboards and mice but without any luck, it works perfectly however with TV or iOS remote or the web based control from separate pc.

I'll have a try of some of the suggestions that flangefrog posted a link to but any other suggestions are appreciated.