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XBIAN 1 Beta 2 stoped Movie - Markus Esser - 23rd Dec, 2013 10:03 PM

Hi at all

I am from Germany, and i have a Problem with the new version from XBIAN 1 BETA 2
I have Install this with the Windows Installer.
when i look a movie start this and after about 10min or 30min stoped the movie and
the XBIAN ist in the menue. but i can start the moive on the same location that has been stopped.
I don't has the problem with XBIAN Alpha 5, i don't find this or older version in the internet

XBIAN 1 Beta 2 run on Raspberry pi Rev.2
the movies catch from a NAS with Gigabit Network
the NAS is from DLINK and only a File Server with max 30mb read and 30mb write
The Movies are HD Quality with 1080p or 720p Format MKV
data size 4-16GB

pleace Help me or send me a link where I can download the old version

RE: XBIAN 1 Beta 2 stoped Movie - IriDium - 23rd Dec, 2013 11:06 PM

I had a DLINK DNS-323 running via SMB and I had the same problem with HD movies.

Can you check the CPU usage on the NAS as I think this might be at 100%.

Also copy the movie to a HDD or Flash drive and see if you get the same problem.