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Default video settings? - burgertime - 28th Dec, 2013 11:44 AM

Just wondering if it is advised to change any of the video settings in settings>video>playback

I was having some issues with the video stuttering on my 60" 120hz LED television so I changed the setting to adjust display rate refresh to match video to "off" which mostly made it better. Are there default settings that seem to work well in general for most folks? I played with the "sync playback to display" and I got unsynced audio.


RE: Default video settings? - IriDium - 3rd Jan, 2014 04:11 AM

Unfortunately there are too many options.

The default parameters work for most people. So all I can suggest is to start from a working configuration and just make small tweaks.

Providing the full details of your RPi, configuration and TV make and model would HAVE helped!!

ESP is currently OFF

RE: Default video settings? - mk01 - 8th Jan, 2014 05:22 AM


don't feel sorry about changing from defaults. the settings are there for this purpose - to be changed if needed.

(sync playback to display means recoding audio in-time, RPI has no power to do that. that's why you ended up with out of sync).

if your LED works internally on 120hz, going down to 60, 50 or 24hz (display rate refresh to match video ON) can make something you would call micro shutters. I have never seen it, but already read somewhere. depends on the TV.